Non-Accredited Programs

Em-Care currently offer non-accredited courses for your team's development. These courses are developed using your business policies and procedures, in combination with the most current legislation and industry practices. If you don't find what you're after on our current list, let us know and we can discuss options to tailor a non-accredited training program to meet your business needs. We can also deliver a mix of accredited and non-accredited training to ensure your staff get the national recognition for work they complete which meets national accreditation standards.

Students Taking Note
Kids in Preschool

Emergency Evacuation and Lockdown for Childcare

This course is completely structured around current standards and your business procedures. It is delivered by highly experienced trainers who have been delivering content to the childcare education industry for many years.

Basic Fire Extinguisher Training

This course gives participants the practical skills to select and use the correct fire extinguisher in the event of a small location fire. Often this can be the difference between containing the fire until the fire department arrives, and the fire spreading and damaging the building and work productivity.

Fire Extinguisher
WHMIS safety data sheets checklist train

Chemical and Hazardous Awareness Training

This course is particularly useful for businesses who use chemicals in their day to day operations, or store chemicals for occasional use. This will help improve health and safety awareness of chemicals and hazardous substances and assist staff in their knowledge and skills in using, storing and recording the substance use correctly.

Manual Handling for Industry

Correct lifting techniques and safe handling is more than a unit of competency. Safe manual handling can lead to increased productivity, morale and less employee down time due to unnecessary and preventable injuries. Teaching the correct manual handling techniques can save your business in injury time, insurance premiums and ultimately loss of income due to workplace disturbance. Not to mention the toll injuries can take on your team members and their families. Learn the correct way, right from the start.