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RIIRIS402D Carry out the Risk Management Process

This unit of competency may be required in order to facilitate risk assessments.

Duration: 1 day (full course)

Pre-requisites:   RIIRIS301D/RIIWHS301D/RIICOM301D
(preferred due to level of content)


The RIIRIS402D Carry out the Risk Management course is designed for those in supervisory, senior management and or statutory positions to provide them with additional skills and knowledge to enable them to implement and carry out risk management processes within an established safety management system for a mine site. 
The course specifically targets coal mine workers who are required to undertake facilitation of formal risk assessments (e.g. WRAC’S) and those who are involved in the review and auditing of site risk management processes and systems. 
The unit of competency is designed to provide those involved in the risk management process at a more senior level to facilitate a better understanding of industry standards and also site processes to the coal mine worker and maintain continual review of that process to ensure a safe working environment for all.

Overview of industry standards in relation to risk management
Local hazard identification procedures
Facilitating a formal risk assessment to industry and site procedures
Identifying and implementation of effective risk controls
Monitoring of the risk management process to ensure continued effectiveness
Reporting on implementation issues
Communication of processes to all stakeholders
Review and auditing of the risk management processes and systems against legislative and industry standards
Development of an audit report 





The Qld Coal Mining Act requires all coal mine workers to complete a refresher of every skill that they have a unit of competency for at least once every 5 years. The holder of this unit may have to complete this refresher to obtain or maintain authorisation to facilitate risk assessments on site.


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