Confined space entry by a worker who wea

RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined space

Duration: 1 day  

Pre-requisites:   NIL

This Nationally Recognised course has been developed to provide participants with a theory and practical knowledge of equipment requirements and safe work methods to be used when entering and working in a confined space.
The course is designed for persons who are required to work in and around a confined space where there may be a risk from hazards associated with that confined space (e.g. atmospheric changes)  and or those who may be required to act as standby personnel and manage or supervise persons required to enter and work in and around the confined space.
Participants completing this course will understand the legislative requirements detailed in the WH&S Regulation and relevant Australian Standards, Codes of Practice (confined space) and the inspection, operation and maintenance of associated safety equipment used for confined space work.
The participant will be required to select and use equipment associated with confined space entry and work (e.g. gas detection unit). 
The participant will be required to carry out pre entry tests of a confined space and complete an entry into the space in a simulated scenario event. They will also be required to maintain communication with the safety observer during the time in the space
The safety observer shall maintain control over entry and egress of all persons in the space and monitor atmospheric conditions at various intervals as nominated on the confined space permit.

Identify confined spaces (as per code of practice)
Hazard identification and risk management procedures relevant to site
Australian Standards and relevant legislation and code of practice
Roles & responsibilities of all persons in the work
Work to site policy and procedures
Complete a risk assessment with controls clearly identified and communicated 
Complete a work in a confined space permit
Complete and communicate a rescue plan
Lockand tag out energy sources 
Fall prevention / protection equipment (as required)
Position safety observer at entry point to space
Conduct atmospheric testing using a calibrated gas detector 
Record initial and subsequent tests results
Practical entry into a confined space and complete simulated task
Discuss safety and emergency procedures
Carry out coordinated egress from confined space a
Close out permit and sign off 
Inspect and clean all equipment and store in safe area


The Qld Coal Mining Act requires all coal mine workers to complete a refresher of every skill that they have a unit of competency for at least once every 5 years. The holder of this unit may have to complete this refresher to obtain or maintain authorisation to enter and work in a confined space 

Note: Some refresher periods may differ from site to site

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