Safety Management Systems 

Em-Care can provide individual companies, business owners and senior management with a professional and independent assessment and validation of current systems within an organisation to ensure compliance to various Australian and State Health & Safety Legislation. 


Our highly experienced and Exemplar Global qualified auditing professionals have a commitment to the provision of quality audit and report outcomes for the overall WHS compliance of your organisation.

Industry groups which have engaged our audit professionals include:

     Civil Construction 

     Coal Mining 

     Aged Care

     Retirement Village 


Audits can be conducted for a range of target areas and include the following:

  • Sample audits 

  • Benchmarking audits 

  • Safety audits with a specific scope for legislative compliance


Our audit team will complete an initial interview with your organisation to determine the scope of the audit to ensure all outcomes are achievable to meet the needs of the organisation and to establish what resources are necessary to complete the audit in a timely and efficient manner.


During the audit our professional team shall maintain confidentiality of information and conduct themselves in accordance to organisational procedures while on site and implement measures to prevent or minimise interruption to daily function of the company with a comprehensive report finalizing the audit.

Return to Work Case Management

The key to a successful return to work is the establishment of a well-managed plan with a focus on a collaborative and engagement approach by all stakeholders.

This involves providing the injured employee with the support they need to facilitate an early and smooth return into the workplace environment. 

Em-Care’s return to work case management has an established focus on the maximization of early engagement with the injured employee and the workplace to provide guidance in developing initiatives and opportunity for an integrated early return to the workplace.

Our approach is to customise the case to the injured party and align the program for an early and timely return to work with legislative and stakeholder obligations.

Case management involves a range of critical actions which are structured at timely intervals to enable each step of the process to support the other enabling continued treatment of the injury while a graduated return to work is established.

This may include:

  • Workplace meetings to establish the employee’s current role and what physical and psychological demands for that role and identify what changes are necessary to facilitate that change into alternate or modification of duties.

  • Continued interaction with the health and or allied health provider to ensure treatment of the injury aligns, where possible, with the return to work goals and relevant suitable duties 

On return to work, Em-Care will continue to provide support in relation to ongoing functional assessment and or workplace modifications. 


All injury case management remains confidential, with continued engagement between the injure employee, health professional and employer remaining at the forefront of focus for the long term physical and psychological welfare of the employee. 

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Coming soon. Please contact us for further information.

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